Intesa Sanpaolo Head of Cybersecurity Project Delivery

He started his career covering various roles within the ICT Industry, ranging from R&D, Technical Support and sales. After being appointed to several junior management positions in different companies, in 2006 he joined the Intesa Sanpaolo banking group as head of Telecommunications. In 2017 he was firstly put in charge of Enterprise Security and is now Senior Director and head of Cyber Security Project Delivery, reporting directly to the company's CISO. His main responsibility is designing and implementing architectures and standards for the cyber security of the whole banking group, thus identifying how to protect the company's infrastructures, data and digital identities.In the last two years his team designed and implemented the multi factor authentication solutions both for customers and employees as well as the cyber defenses for all the company's end points (Smartphone, Tablet, ATM, PC, Server).The current main projects span from protecting customers'; devices against frauds to designing a new unified digital identity management system to improve both efficiency and effectiveness for the Group as a whole, nationally and internationally.Along with these initiatives, the compliance with regulations (PSD2 and GDPR) and the increasing service digitalization are two other main challenges that have been shaping and biasing the designing and delivering activities.

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22-05-2019 alle 12:00 Parallela N - Tecnologia & Innovazione - Biometria e nuovi sistemi di identificazione: siamo sicuri?