Accenture Managing Director, Security Financial Services Portfolio Lead

Marco has almost 20 years of experience in the cyber-security space, he is the Managing Director at Accenture recently appointed as Financial Services Security Lead for Italy, Central Europe and Greece. In the past years he played a role as Security Lead for Europe and Latin America for energy, utility, chemical and natural resources and previously he was responsible for the digital identity and blockchain cross-market offering development for Italy, Greece, Turkey, Eastern Europe, Russia and Middle East, driving advisory/consulting activities, program/project execution and service management. He began his career as IT architect and system engineer, then he has started working in cyber-security. In his previous international experiences, he has developed business expertise as well as organizational and process-oriented capabilities together with security technology skills, driving complex transformation programs. He got a degree in Physics and a Master of Science in Information Security Management from University of Rome 'La Sapienza', and a professional certificate program in Quantum Computing and Communication from 'Massachusetts Institute of Technology'. He earned several certifications on program, project and service management, security processes, design and key technologies from international industry standards and leading-edge product's vendors.

Conferenze edizioni passate

Edizione 2020
Data Conferenza
02-12-2020 alle 09:15 Sessione Plenaria di Apertura - Le sfide della cybersecurity: dall'emergenza covid-19 alle novità regolamentari e tecnologiche
Edizione 2021
Data Conferenza
25-05-2021 alle 09:30 Sessione Plenaria di Apertura - La sicurezza dell'innovazione